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All DVD rent and return postage costs are included.

Please click on the links below to find out the basics of renting from Kino.

1.Logging in

2.How do I rent a movie?

3.How will I know what movie is being sent to me?

4.How many movies can I rent at a time?

5.When does my next payment get deducted?

6.Any other queries?

7.Care of DVDs

1.Logging in

Login to Kino with your email address and password each time you wish to add movies to your Hitlist or check on your account. You cannot create a Hitlist nor have access to "My Account" unless you are a registered member of kino.com.au. Join now

2.How do I rent a movie?

To add a movie to your Hitlist, find the film you would like by searching for a particular title or choosing from our collections, then click on "Add to Hitlist". This button is only visible if you are a member and have logged in. You can have up to 100 films in your Hitlist.  

We recommend you put at least 20 films in your Hitlist to begin with and top up regularly, to ensure that there are no delays in sending films to you. Once you have 15 or more films in your Hitlist you will automatically be sent on the first Kino business day the first available movie or movies, depending on your plan. You are able to place your choices in priority order. When you return a movie our program selects the most available highest priority film from your Hitlist.

3.How will I know what movie is being sent to me?

As soon as a movie has been sent to you, you will receive an email notification. Your Hitlist will also be updated to show discs returned and discs sent to you.

4.How many movies can I rent at a time?

View our Plans and Prices.

As a member you can check your package details in My Account (subscribers only). In your initial delivery you will receive the maximum number of movies you are entitled to have on loan at any one time (between 1 and 4 depending on your chosen plan). These will be sent to you in separate packaging to allow you to return them one at a time as soon as you have viewed them.

On receipt of a returned movie, we will dispatch another immediately. If you choose a plan with 1 or 2 movies on loan at a time, you may find you do not always have movies on hand to watch while they are in the process of being swapped. If you choose a plan with 3 or 4 movies on loan at a time, you are more likely to always have movies at home to watch even while others are being swapped.

5.When does my next payment get deducted?

As a member, you can check this in My Account (subscribers only). Payments are deducted at the start of the rental period. If you wish to cancel your membership you must cancel by at least the day before your next payment is due. All outstanding movies should be returned immediately.

6.Any other queries?

Please refer to our FAQ section if you have any other queries or alternatively email us at service@kino.com.au

7.Care of DVDs

DVDs are tough but fragile. With normal use, they will last longer than videotape. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when using DVDs (either Kino's or your own) :

  1. Fingerprints and dust may cause a disc not to play. Do not touch the shiny side of the disc. Store a disc in its plastic sleeve when not in use.
  2. Placing a disc on a surface may cause scratches. Be certain the disc is secure in the plastic sleeve and its supplied packaging. Keep the disc away from moisture, dust and excessive heat.
  3. To clean a disc, use a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface from the centre out to the edge. Never use a circular motion! Do not use cleaning fluids. If it will not play, log in and go to My Account and select Report a Problem, then return the DVD to Kino with an enclosed note indicating the problem.
  4. If a disc is damaged, log in and go to My Account and select Report a Problem, then return the DVD to Kino with an enclosed note so that the DVD can be repaired or taken out of distribution.

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