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{t}ABOUT US{/t}

Kino means cinema in many countries around the world and world cinema is what Kino is all about. Together with independent art-house, foreign language and many other alternative genres, the Kino library also contains an amazing and comprehensive collection of silver screen classics, many rare and in some cases almost impossible to find.

Unlike most other online DVD rental services, Kino is not solely a product of the internet. It has operated as an independent specialist library since 1992 and has built an enviable reputation for content and quality of service. The Kino collection contains thousands of hand picked titles collected over a long period. Now you will be able to enjoy the Kino specialist catalogue from anywhere in Australia without having to leave home.

The online rental model allows you to keep movies for as long as you like, although there are clear advantages in sending your movies back promptly so more can be sent to you. When you send one back, you are automatically sent another movie from your personal Hitlist of titles that you create from our catalogue online.

Only movies that you select from our website and place on your personal Hitlist will ever be sent to you. Movies are delivered direct to your mailbox by Australia Post and for DVDs all postage charges are included in your monthly subscription. Prepaid return packaging is also included. You simply place your returned disc into an Australia Post letterbox in the supplied reply paid packaging.

You choose whatever subscription plan suits you best, with monthly subscriptions starting from a low $9.95. The higher the level of your plan, the more movies per month you may receive and the cheaper they become. On average you would be paying $2.95 or less per movie (inc. postage). You get all this for a monthly subscription billed to a valid credit card through a fully encrypted system linked to our merchant bank. You can cancel your subscription at any time or suspend it for holidays or a busy work schedule etc, if you wish.

As a serious movie enthusiast or just a casual moviegoer, we are sure that when you explore the Kino collection you will not be disappointed and will immediately notice the Kino difference. We are definitely “more than mainstream”!



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