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André Marcon - 3 Titles Found
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The Page Turner

Free Trial

The Page Turner
(2006) [PG]

Revenge is a dish best served cold Schoolgirl Mélanie aspires to a musical career, but during her Conservatory audition, one of the judges, celebrated concert pianist Ariane Fouchécourt, unwittingly distracts her, ruining her chances of a place. Asa result, Mélanie gives up music...  More

After May (Apres May) aka Something in the Air

Free Trial

After May (Apres May) aka Something in the Air
(2012) [MA]

Three years after the 1968 riots in France, 18-year-old artist Gilles (Clement Metayer) finds himself caught between his desires to help advance a revolution and his dedication to his painting. At the same time, two women divide the loyalty of his heart--one girlfriend a muse who has plunged...  More

Me, Myself and Mum  ("Les garçons et Guillaume, à table!")

Free Trial

Me, Myself and Mum ("Les garçons et Guillaume, à table!")
(2013) [MA]

Mrs. Gallienne, a rather temperamental upper middle-class lady, has three children, two of whom she considers as her sons and another she calls Guillaume. Logically indeed, the latter teenage creature does not picture himself as a boy, rather as a girl or at best as a homosexual. But how can a...  More




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