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Dinah Sheridan - 5 Titles Found
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The Railway Children / Swallows and Amazons

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The Railway Children / Swallows and Amazons
(1970) [G]

The Railway Children: Edith Nesbit's 1906 novel The Railway Children was adapted for the big screen in 1970 by Lionel Jeffries when he directed the classic film version which has been loved by children and adults alike ever since. When their father mysteriously disappears and is rumoured to have...  More


Free Trial

(1953) [G]

The spectacle of the London to Brighton Commemorative Run provides the background for this delightful comedy in which friendly rivalry (both automotive and married) between two couples develops into a no-holds-barred race! Four charming lead performances, a sharp and amusing script, Larry Adler's...  More

The Sound Barrier

Free Trial

The Sound Barrier
(1952) [G]

The true story of the jet plane's early days and the committed men who risked all to test the danger levels. An air-craft manufacturer is driven to design the first supersonic aeroplane even if his obsession to break the sound barrier costs him his humanity, the love of his family and the...  More

Appointment In London

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Appointment In London
(1952) [PG]

Dirk Bogarde stars in this compelling wartime Lancaster based drama as a young Wing Commander close to the breaking point with 87 stories under his belt. He is determined to make 90 in spite of his superiors pressing him to take a break and a spell on the ground. A series of misfortunes that...  More

Where No Vultures Fly

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Where No Vultures Fly
(1951) [G]

A heartwarming adventure tale of a game warden in East Africa who is so sickened by his orders to kill wildlife that he leaves his job to build his own animal sanctuary in remote jungle country.

Tight story well told. Features one of the first rhino versus truck on film. Unglamorous...  More




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