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Joseph Fiennes - 5 Titles Found
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At the turn of the last century in the American West, two brothers fall in love with the same woman. Lilith chooses the younger brother, Elijah (Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare In Love). The embittered Luke (David Wenham, The Bank; Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) travels alone to Europe. His...  More


Free Trial

(1998) [MA]

England, 1554. Under the rule of Queen Mary I, a zealous Catholic, England has been reduced to a country racked by financial and religious instability. Now close to death, Mary (Kathy Burke) steps up her policy of protestant repression. Even Princess Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett), her younger sister...  More

Shakespeare In Love

Free Trial

Shakespeare In Love
(1998) [M]

London, 1593: the Elizabethan Era. Young, handsome William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) is craving inspiration due to his failing creativity. He seeks a soul mate to cure his writer's block, so he may continue to work on his upcoming play. Fate would leave its mark, and love will show its face in...  More

Enemy At The Gates

Free Trial

Enemy At The Gates
(2001) [MA]

In the winter of 1942, the German and Russian Armies meet in the great Battle of the Stalingrad, one of the most vicious engagements of the Second World War. Enter into this horror a young Russian soldier, formerly a peasant boy with an extraordinary ability to sharpshoot a rifle from far...  More

Running with Scissors

Free Trial

Running with Scissors
(2006) [MA]

Based on the personal memoirs of Augusten Burroughs and directed by Ryan Murphy (Creator of TV's Nip/Tuck), Running With Scissors is a wickedly funny, brave and moving tale of surviving a most unusual childhood. Augusten's mother (Annette Bening) is an unpublished and unstable poet whose...  More




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