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Brenda Fricker - 7 Titles Found
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Free Trial

(2004) [MA]

A devastated father struggles to find answers after a bomb detonated in the peaceful Irish town of Omagh claims the life of his twenty-one year-old son in this topical docudrama from writer/producer Paul Greengrass and director Pete Travis. In 1988 a group who referred to themselves as the "Real...  More

My Left Foot

Free Trial

My Left Foot
(1989) [M]

Based on the life story of Christy Brown, this touching film depicts his struggle for a normal life. Born with cerebral palsy into a very poor family, Christy was able to control movement in his left foot and speak in guttural sounds. With the help of his strong-willed and dedicated family and...  More

The Field

Free Trial

The Field
(1990) [PG]

Tradition-bound Irishman 'Bull' McCabe has devoted his life to cultivating the field. When it is put up for auction and attracts the attention of a wealthy American, the resulting conflict has a devastating effect on an entire village. Based on the play by John B. Keane.  More

Brides Of Christ (2 disc set)

Free Trial

Brides Of Christ (2 disc set)
(1991) [M]

Behind the convent walls, their lives governed by ancient traditions, rites and disciplines, a group of remarkable women are caught up in the conflict of ancient ways and the new. For many, their faith is strong enough to carry them through but others are tormented.  More

Veronica Guerin

Free Trial

Veronica Guerin
(2003) [MA]

Golden Globe winner Cate Blanchett (The Lord Of The Rings, Elizabeth) stars in VERONICA GUERIN, the critically acclaimed, powerful and poignant true story about a journalist who risked her life in search of the truth. In the mid-1990s, Dublin was nothing short of a war zone, with a few powerful...  More

Closing the Ring

Free Trial

Closing the Ring
(2007) [M]

In 1943, A dying gunner, who was in a crash involving a United States B-17, gives a ring to a local to return to his girlfriend in the USA. Fifty years later, a man finds the ring and tracks down the girlfriend and the history of this ring. Set in Belfast and North Carolina.  More


Free Trial

(2013) [MA]

This hilarious road movie co-stars Oscar-winning actresses Brenda Fricker and Olympia Dukakis as Dot and Stella, a crackerjack lesbian couple on the run from a nursing home. You'll laugh so hard you'll cry. Stella and Dot have been together for 31 years and have faithfully accompanied one another...  More




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