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Jean-Paul Belmondo - 4 Titles Found
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Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)

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Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)
(1959) [PG]

Landmark French movie that turns the tragi-comic story of a minor crim (Belmondo), obsessed with both Bogart and an aspiring American journo (Seberg), into a major masterpiece of fickle hedonism. Crafted with elusive spontaneity, Godard's nervy style still looks as good as ever.  More

Pierrot Le Fou (Crazy Pete)

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Pierrot Le Fou (Crazy Pete)
(1965) [M]

A classic romantic adventure story in which a young couple set out on a series of crazy adventures on the French Riviera. French dialogue with subtitles.  More

Is Paris Burning?

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Is Paris Burning?
(1966) [PG]

Star-heavy WWII epic set in the closing days of the Nazis' rule of Paris. The allied advance is almost upon the capital of France. The French Resistance struggles to take back its city fighting tooth and nail to avoid the Nazis' clear intention of torching the city upon exit. Realistically...  More


Free Trial

(1974) [PG]

Stavisky was a man haunted by his father's desire to be accepted by French society. Stavisky pushed his Russian Jewish father's dream to its extreme. A charmer, a gambler and a crook, he became the darling of French High Society. But when his father found out that his son was wanted by the police...  More




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