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Danielle Darrieux - 7 Titles Found
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Alexander The Great

Free Trial

Alexander The Great
(1956) [PG]

An epic film that follows the life of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king that united all ancient Greek tribes and led them against the vast Persian Empire. Alexander conquered most of the then known world and created a Greek empire that spanned all the way from the Balkans to India.  More

8 Women

Free Trial

8 Women
(2002) [M]

Directed by Francois Ozon, 8 Women is a delightful and unconventional tongue-in-cheek thriller – part murder mystery, part musical – featuring some of the greatest actresses in French cinema. It is Christmas and a family gathers to celebrate the festive period with wealthy industrialist...  More

The Young Girls Of Rochefort  (Demoiselles de Rochefort, Les)

Free Trial

The Young Girls Of Rochefort (Demoiselles de Rochefort, Les)
(1967) [G]

In The Young Girls of Rochefort, the follow up to the revolutionary Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1963), director Jacques Demy continues his experiments with narrative and the musical form, as well as his collaboration with composer Michel Legrand. Characters meet, story lines cross, families expand...  More

5 Fingers

Free Trial

5 Fingers
(1952) [PG]

Based on a true story. In neutral Turkey during WWII, the ambitious and extremely efficient valet for the British ambassador tires of being a servant and forms a plan to promote himself to rich gentleman of leisure. His employer has many secret documents; he will photograph them, and with the...  More


Free Trial

(2007) [M]

Poignant coming-of-age story of a precocious and outspoken young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution.  More

Madame de...

Free Trial

Madame de...
(1953) [G]

Max Ophuls' exquisite The Earrings Of Madame De... is a story of lust, jealousy and materialism, set in Europe in the late 19th century. When Louise, the wife of a general, sells the earrings he gave her to cover her debts, it unleashes a torrent of tragic misunderstandings which travel from wife...  More

Le plaisir

Free Trial

Le plaisir
(1952) [PG]

Le Plaisir weaves together three separate tales about the ecstasy of pleasure: one about an aging man who covers his face with a mask to disguise his age, another about an artist's model who returns to enact revenge on the mentor/lover who abandoned her, and the third about a brothel which is...  More




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