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The Man From Laramie

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The Man From Laramie
(1955) [PG]

An intensely satisfying drama of rugged primitive justice, The Man From Laramie marked the final and finest collaboration of one of the most important teams in Western films: director Anthony Mann and star Jimmy Stewart. Under Mann’s superb direction, Stewart departs from his well-loved...  More

Ben-Hur: 4 Disc Special Edition (Discs 1 & 2 of 4)

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Ben-Hur: 4 Disc Special Edition (Discs 1 & 2 of 4)
(1959) [PG]

Ben-Hur: The 1959 movie on 2 discs:
After his boyhood friend Messala's fanatic loyalty to Rome makes him a powerful enemy, Jewish nobleman Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is found guilty of an attempted murder he did not commit. His family is banished and he is enslaved on a warship. Yet,...  More

Detective Story

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Detective Story
(1951) [PG]

Based on the smash Broadway hit, the gritty and gripping drama of Detective Story explodes onto the big screen under the capable direction of William Wyler (The Best Years Of Our Lives, Roman Holiday, Ben-Hur). Set amidst the hectic activity of a New York City police station, Kirk Douglas stars...  More

Ben-Hur: 4 Disc Special Edition (Discs 3 & 4 of 4)

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Ben-Hur: 4 Disc Special Edition (Discs 3 & 4 of 4)
(1959) [PG]

The 1925 Feature-length Silent Version of Ben-Hur with a stereophonic orchestral score by composer Carl Davis.

New Documentary: Ben-Hur: The Epic That Changed Cinema - Current filmmakers such as Ridley Scott and George Lucas reflect on the importance and influence...  More




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