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Deborah Kennedy - 4 Titles Found
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The Sum Of Us

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The Sum Of Us
(1994) [M]

Set in Sydney, Australia. A (heterosexual) father and his gay son are trying to find Ms/Mr Right respectively. The film shows their relationships with one another and the objects of their affection as tragedy strikes.  More

Idiot Box

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Idiot Box
(1996) [MA]

Kev’s hobby is being angry. His motto is maximum fear, minimum time. He hasn’t got a job, but he has got attitude. His best mate is Mick and together they kill time drinking beer, watching the idiot box and looking for action on the street. Then one day Kev tells Mick they’ve drawn their...  More

Swimming Upstream

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Swimming Upstream
(2003) [M]

The true story of Tony Fingleton, a young man from a troubled family who found the inner strength to become a champion. Always overshadowed in his father's eyes by his brothers, it is only when Tony displays an extraordinary swimming talent that he feels he has a shot at winning his father's heart.  More

Closed for Winter

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Closed for Winter
(2009) [M]

Closed For Winter is the story of a beautiful young woman haunted by a tragic event in her youth.

As Elise attempts to piece together the mystery of her sister's disappearance at the beach, twenty years before when both were children, she must face dark family secrets that have...  More




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