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Patrick Cargill - 4 Titles Found
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A Countess from Hong Kong

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A Countess from Hong Kong
(1967) [PG]

Charlie Chaplin’s final film is a delightful romantic comedy, filled with the clever touches for which he’s famous. Written, directed and composed by Chaplin, it revolves around Russian emigre countess Natascha (Sophia Loren), forced into prostitution in Hong Kong, who stows away in wealthy...  More

The Picture Show Man

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The Picture Show Man
(1977) [G]

A warm and witty comedy set in the 20s, The Picture Show Man chronicles the adventures of Maurice Pym (John Meillon), a flamboyant showman traveling the Aussie outback unreeling silent films. Braving much hardship and heartbreak along the way, Pym soon clashes with rival showman Palmer - a...  More

Inspector Clouseau

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Inspector Clouseau
(1968) [G]

Part of the Pink Panther collection in which Alan Arkin plays the part of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau who is sent to London to try to investigate the aftermath of the Great Train Robbery.  More

Carry On Jack

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Carry On Jack
(1964) [PG]

The Carry On gang strikes again - this time in the bold, brave days of the Armada, a time when countries were judged by their strength at sea, and men by their naval heroism! The not-so-courageous Captain Fearless is in command of the good ship 'Venus', sailing to the Spanish Main to vanquish the...  More




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