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Pamela Brown - 6 Titles Found
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Cleopatra (Special Edition) (2 Disc Set)

Free Trial

Cleopatra (Special Edition) (2 Disc Set)
(1963) [M]

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison star in this sweeping tale of power and betrayal - the legendary story of the Queen of the Nile and her conquest of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. Here is the truly unforgettable portrayal of the beguiling beauty who seduced two of Rome's...  More

I Know Where I'm Going

Free Trial

I Know Where I'm Going
(1945) [G]

Wendy Hiller takes the lead role in this classic romantic comedy as a sharp-witted young girl who intends to marry for money. But her mercenary plans go dramatically wrong when she finds herself stranded on a tiny island in the Hebrides and falls for a seemingly penniless young naval officer...  More

Figures in a Landscape

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Figures in a Landscape
(1970) [PG]

Renowned actors Robert Shaw (Black Sunday) and Malcolm McDowell (Star Trek: Generations) star as desperate fugitives in an unnamed foreign land, wanted for unkown crimes by a nameless, faceless enemy. Against a raw, unforgiving backdrop of parched desert and frozen mountains, MacConnachie (Shaw)...  More


Free Trial

(1964) [PG]

Peter O'Toole delivers an electrifying performance as the mischievous Henry II, who surprises England by naming his fellow rogue and trusted valet Thomas Becket (Richard Burton in a career defining role) as Chancellor. But when Henry next appoints him Archbishop Of Canterbury, Becket shocks the...  More

Secret Ceremony

Free Trial

Secret Ceremony
(1968) [M]

Academy Award Tx winner Elizabeth Taylor headlines the cast of this superb, deeply moving psychodrama. Secret Ceremony is a dark journey, a melange of mental illness and deception. Cenci (Mia Farrow), a wealthy, psychotic waif fixes on Leonora (Taylor), a prostitute who strongly resembles the...  More

Cleopatra (Special Edition Bonus Features)

Free Trial

Cleopatra (Special Edition Bonus Features)
(1963) [M]

**New Two Hour Documentary: "Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood" **Original 1963 "Making Of" Featurette: The Fourth Star Of Cleopatra **Archival Footage From New York And Hollywood Premieres **Extensive Stills Gallery With Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Costume Sketches, Concept Art And...  More




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