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Gerard Jugnot - 3 Titles Found
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Monsieur Batignole

Free Trial

Monsieur Batignole
(2002) [M]

Summer 1942, Paris is under German occupation. A butcher, partly responsible for a Jewish family's deportation, hides Jewish children and helps them to safety. A heartwarming story of courage under fire. Edmond, a butcher whose future son-in-law is an active collaborator, inadvertently takes part...  More

Les Choristes (The Chorus)

Free Trial

Les Choristes (The Chorus)
(2004) [M]

When he takes a job teaching music at a school for troubled boys, Clement Mathieu is unprepared for its harsh discipline and depressing atmosphere. An inspirational story in the rich tradition of Music Of The Heart and Mr. Holland's Opus, THE CHORUS has moved critics everywhere to declare it one...  More

Paris 36

Free Trial

Paris 36
(2008) [M]

Paris 36 is set in a suburb of north-east Paris between December 1935 and July 1936 during the "revolutionary" period of the Popular Front, the period that introduced the first paid holidays and a shorter working week. Three unemployed performers decide to take over by force the music hall where...  More




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