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Kenneth Branagh - 6 Titles Found
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Henry V (Branagh)

Free Trial

Henry V (Branagh)
(1989) [PG]

Once more unto the breach, dear friends! Kenneth Branagh's award–winning production of Shakespeare's Henry V, a classic story of conflict, courage, honour and heroism. Branagh is electrifying in the title role, a king whose inspired leadership and full-blooded courage rouses his bewildered and...  More

Dead Again

Free Trial

Dead Again
(1991) [M]

Mike Church is a Los Angeles private detective who specialises in finding missing persons. He takes on the case of a mystery woman who he calls Grace. She is suffering from amnesia and have no memories of her own. She keeps having nightmares involving the murder of a pianist Margaret, by her...  More

Much Ado About Nothing

Free Trial

Much Ado About Nothing
(1993) [PG]

'Much Ado About Nothing' is a fast moving, yet intricate tale of love and romantic combat, a 'Merry War' of trust and treachery, social graces and sheer physical attraction, chastity under suspicion and marriage in jeopardy.  More

Twelfth Night

Free Trial

Twelfth Night
(1988) [G]

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's best-loved comedies, and the Renaissance Theatre Company's production of the play, starring Richard Briers and directed by Kenneth Branagh, has been one of the most highly acclaimed of recent years.  More

Sleuth (2007)

Free Trial

Sleuth (2007)
(2007) [M]

Directed by critically-acclaimed director Kenneth Branagh, Jude Law and two-time Oscar-winner Michael Caine (1987, Best Supporting Actor, Hannah and Her Sisters; 2000, Best Supporting Actor, Cider House Rules) join forces in this sharp-witted, modern adaptation of the 1972 classic, Sleuth....  More

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Free Trial

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
(2017) [M]

Hercule Poirot, the best detective in the world decides to leave on the Orient Express. The train accidentally gets stopped because of a small avalanche. Little did he know that a murder was planned and that a person on this train was able of committing such crime. Will he solve this murder...  More




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