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Gillian Armstrong - 9 Titles Found
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High Tide

Free Trial

High Tide
(1987) [M]

A story about a backup singer for an Elvis impersonator who re-enters her past when she leaves a tour in a small town and finds her daughter in a mobile home park. Gillian Armstrong directed this powerful and moving film containing a brilliant performance by Judy Davis.  More

My Brilliant Career

Free Trial

My Brilliant Career
(1979) [G]

Sybylla Melvyn (Judy Davis) is the eldest daughter of an impoverished New South Wales farming family. Bold and determined, Sybylla dreams of succeeding as an acclaimed writer. But in a time of sexist ignorance and bigotry, Sybylla has frequent clashes with procrustean conformists. Though it is...  More

The Last Days Of Chez Nous

Free Trial

The Last Days Of Chez Nous
(1992) [PG]

Vicki returns to her elder sister Beth's house in Australia after an affair in Italy. Beth, with a teenage daughter, has become involved in something of a marriage of convenience with Frenchman J.P., and her rather prickly house proud ways are causing frictions counterpointed by Vicki's more...  More

Little Women

Free Trial

Little Women
(1994) [G]

With her husband off at war, Marmee (Susan Sarandon) is left alone to raise their four daughters -- her "little women." There is the spirited Jo (Winona Ryder); conservative Meg (Trini Alvarado, Paulie); fragile Beth (Claire Danes, Romeo & Juliet); and romantic Amy (played at different ages by...  More

Oscar And Lucinda

Free Trial

Oscar And Lucinda
(1997) [M]

An adaptation of Peter Carey's 1988 Booker Prize-winning novel. Oscar is a priest who gambles discreetly and donates his winnings to help the poor. Lucinda is an Australian businesswoman who boldly defies society's rules. When they meet over an innocent game of cards, their lives are changed...  More

Charlotte Gray

Free Trial

Charlotte Gray
(2001) [M]

Nazi-occupied France in 1942. Charlotte Gray (Cate Blanchett), a young Scottish woman recruited as a secret agent, joins the French resistance. Her real aim: to rescue her Royal Air Force lover. She soon discovers that, in a world where secrecy is all around her, she can only trust herself. Based...  More

Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst

Free Trial

Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst
(2006) [PG]

Florence Broadhurst lived an amazing life. Not content with reality, she invented and reinvented her past to be even more interesting. Before her brutal murder, she was a fixture on the Sydney social scene, partly because of her flair for self-promotion, partly because of her colourful and...  More

Love, Lust and Lies

Free Trial

Love, Lust and Lies
(2009) [M]

Love Lust & Lies is the fifth documentary in a series Gillian Armstrong has been making about the lives, hopes and dreams of three lively, working class Adelaide girls since they were fourteen in 1976.

Over more than thirty years, Kerry, Josie and Diana’s struggles have captured all...  More

Starstruck (2 disc set)

Free Trial

Starstruck (2 disc set)
(1982) [PG]

Jackie Mullens (Jo Kennedy) is a reluctant barmaid in her family's struggling Sydney pub. She wants to be a singing star and her 14-year old oddball cousin Angus (Ross O'Donovan) has a crazy showbiz idea that might just make it happen for her. Manipulating the media, Angus pulls off a brazen...  More




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