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Sylvester Stallone - 5 Titles Found
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Rocky 4

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Rocky 4
(1985) [PG]

East meets West when Rocky takes on a vicious Soviet fighter who literally killed his last opponent! Sylvester Stallone writes, directs and stars in this war between nations in which the only battle is fought in a boxing ring. Rocky proudly holds the world heavyweight boxing championship, but a...  More

Rocky 3

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Rocky 3
(1982) [M]

Rocky battles his most powerful adversary yet-the ferocious Clubber Lang (Mr. T)-in this hard-hitting actioner that comes out swinging with adventure, humor and emotionally charged human drama. For what may be the most exciting and fast-paced film in the series, Sylvester Stallone writes, directs...  More

Rocky 2

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Rocky 2
(1979) [M]

It's the rematch of the century as Rock Balboa takes on Apollo Creed in this powerful follow-up to one of the most acclaimed movies in film history. Writer/Director/Star Sylvester Stallone succeeds in creating a powerful feel-good movie hailed as "a stunning effort in every way" (Archer Winston,...  More

Rocky Balboa

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Rocky Balboa
(2006) [M]

30 years after the clang of the first bell, Rock Balboa dons his gloves for the last time...and delivers a "knockout" (Us Weekly)! Armed with a highly credible, hart-wrenching story, Sylvester Stallone leaps "back in the ring with a champ" Rolling Stone): this "triumphant final chapter for one of...  More

The Expendables

Free Trial

The Expendables
(2010) [MA]

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is a man with nothing to lose. Fearless and void of emotion, he is the leader, the sage and the strategist to a tight-knit band of men who live on the fringe - former SAS operative and savant with anything that has a blade, Less Christmas (Jason Statham); master...  More




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