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Arthur Penn - 7 Titles Found
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The Chase

Free Trial

The Chase
(1966) [M]

ShThe moral foundation of a small Texas town is torn apart in this explosive drama about power and greed, starring Academy Award® winners Marlon Brando (Best Actor in a Leading Role – The Godfather, 1972, and On the Waterfront, 1954), Robert Redford (Best Director – Ordinary People, 1980),...  More

Bonnie And Clyde

Free Trial

Bonnie And Clyde
(1967) [M]

Adrift in the depression-era Southwest, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker embark on life of crime. They mean no harm. They crave adventure - and each other. Soon we start to love them too. But nothing in film history has prepared us for the cascading violence to follow. Bonnie and Clyde turns...  More

The Left Handed Gun

Free Trial

The Left Handed Gun
(1958) [M]

William Bonney - Billy the Kid - gets a job with a cattleman known as 'The Englishman,' and is befriended by the peaceful, religious man. But when a crooked sheriff and his men murder the Englishman because he plans to supply the local Army fort with his beef, Billy decides to avenge the death by...  More

The Missouri Breaks

Free Trial

The Missouri Breaks
(1976) [PG]

Tom Logan is a cattle thief. In order to have a cover, he buys the ranch near David Braxton's one. Tom and Jane (Braxton's daughter) soon start a love affair. But Braxton just hired Lee Clayton, a very famous "regulator", to get rid of the cattle thieves.  More

The Miracle Worker

Free Trial

The Miracle Worker
(1962) [M]

Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke deliver remarkable, Oscar-winning performances in Arthur Penn's film The Miracle Worker. Locked in a frightening, lonely world of silence and darkness since infancy, 7-year-old Helen Keller (Duke) has never seen the sky, heard her mother's voice or expressed her...  More

Little Big Man

Free Trial

Little Big Man
(1970) [M]

In this sweeping epic that swings from high comedy to drama, Dustin Hoffman gives a "virtuoso performance" (Hollywood Reporter) as the 121-year old sole survivor of Custer's Last Stand. Narrating his colorful life story, he tells about everything from his adoption by Cheyenne Indians to his...  More

Alice's Restaurant

Free Trial

Alice's Restaurant
(1969) [M]

Arlo Guthrie's song is converted into a motion picture. Arlo goes to see Alice for Thanksgiving and as a favor takes her trash to the dump. When the dump is closed, he drops it on top of another pile of garbage at the bottom of a ravine. When the local sheriff finds out a major manhunt begins....  More




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