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Paul Cox - 8 Titles Found
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Golden Braid

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Golden Braid
(1990) [M]

A humorous and bizarre tale about a man's obsession with a lock of hair which he finds hidden in a secret compartment in an antique cabinet. An Australian production.  More

Man Of Flowers

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Man Of Flowers
(1983) [M]

A provocative drama, in which a reclusive art collector and his beautiful model experience a strange love-hate relationship.*BR  More

Lonely Hearts

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Lonely Hearts
(1982) [PG]

The New York Times called director Paul Cox “a bright new film-making talent” for his enchanting story – co-written with John Clarke (The Games) - of unsung hero Peter, a piano tuner, loner and kleptomaniac whose toupee only fools the man underneath. Peter desperately visits a dating...  More

Molokai : The Story Of Father Damien

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Molokai : The Story Of Father Damien
(1999) [M]

Molokai is the immensely moving and true story of Father Damien (David Wenham, The Bank, The Boys, Better Than Sex) a young, devout Belgian priest. Set in the late nineteenth century, Damien sees his ultimate calling as living amongst the exiled lepers of the island of Molokai. By embracing them...  More


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(2000) [M]

Retired organist and music teacher, Andreas Borg (Tingwell), discovers that his first true love, Claire (Blake), lives in the same city as he does. Claire hesitantly responds to his plea to meet again, and it soon becomes evident that their love has not faded. Nothing feels as if it has changed;...  More

The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky

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The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky
(2001) [M]

Vaslav Nijinksy was one of the most celebrated dancer/ choreographers of the 20th century, and undisputedly the greatest male dancer of his era. Yet at the height of his career - as with many artists ahead of their time - Nijinsky's modernist works fiercely divided the ballet world. Based on the...  More

Human Touch

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Human Touch
(2004) [MA]

From Paul Cox (Innocence), one of Australia's most celebrated filmmakers, comes the erotically charged drama Human Touch. Anna (Jacqueline McKenzie) is in her early 30s. She has a burgeoning music career as a singer, and has a loving relationship with her painter boyfriend, David. When Anna's...  More

Erotic Tales  (aka Tales of Erotica) (2disc set)

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Erotic Tales (aka Tales of Erotica) (2disc set)
(1996) [R]

Conceived by one of Germany's most successful producers, Regina Ziegler, EROTIC TALES is a series of short films by prolific international directors, including Bob Rafelson (USA), Paul Cox (AUSTRALIA) and Nicholas Roeg (UK), who were given carte blanche to create films that captured their vision...  More




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