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World cinema

Argentina - 7 Titles Found
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The Official Story

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The Official Story
(1985) [M]

An intelligent political film about the 'disappeared' in Argentina. Buenos Aires schoolteacher Aleandro (Norma Aleandro, in a rivetting performance) lives in middle-class comfort with her husband and their adopted daughter. But she starts on a moral and political reawakening when she suspects her...  More

Bombon (El Perro)

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Bombon (El Perro)
(2004) [M]

A recently-unemployed mechanic attempting to maintain his financial stability finds that sometimes living is defined by more than just an income in director Carlos Sorin's endearing existential comedy drama. The Patagonia garage in which Coco (Juan Villegas) works has gone out of business, and...  More

Family Law

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Family Law
(2006) [M]

Family Law is the third film in a trio created by Argentinean film-maker Daniel Burman that explores the relationship between Ariel Perelman and his family. Perelman is a lawyer, like his father, and not. While his father represents a variety of colourful petty criminals and cuts a lively figure,...  More

The Aura

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The Aura
(2005) [M]

Esteban Espinoza is an introverted taxidermist who secretly dreams of executing the perfect robbery. On his first ever hunting trip, in the calm of the Patagonian forest, his dreams are unexpectedly made reality with one squeeze of the trigger. Espinoza accidentally kills a man who turns out to...  More

The Method

Free Trial

The Method
(2005) [M]

During an anti-globalisation protest, seven candidates are assembled for the final stage of the selection process for a single high-level position at a multinational company. The tension becomes palpable when they realise they must compete against one another in a ruthless new American HR test...  More

A Year Without Love

Free Trial

A Year Without Love
(2005) [R]

A writer dying of AIDS searches for a cure and human interaction in the hospitals and sex clubs of Buenos Aires.  More

The Secret in their Eyes

Free Trial

The Secret in their Eyes
(2009) [MA]

When retired prosecutor Benjamin Esposito attempts to write a novel, he is haunted by memories of a two-decade-old unsolved crime. Showing his first draft to his beautiful former boss, Irene, the pair recall the tense, hectic days of their investigation into the rape and murder of a young bride....  More




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