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The titles displayed in the 'Kino Hot Picks' collection below represent only a small selection of the Kino catalogue. For the complete range of our titles please use the 'Browse titles' link above or the links in the left-hand menu.

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Joan Of Arc - The Messenger (Blu-Ray)

Free Trial

Joan Of Arc - The Messenger (Blu-Ray)
(1999) [MA]

Starring Milla Jovovich, Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway and John Malkovich, director Luc Besson brings us Joan Of Arc - The Messenger, the epic story fo a woman who followed her own path and changed the course of history. In 1429 a teenage girl from a remote French village stood before her King...  More

The Fire In The Stone

Free Trial

The Fire In The Stone
(1984) [G]

When his precious cache of opals is stolen, 14-year-old Ernie, who lives with his alcoholic father in the harsh and lawless opal fields of inland Australia, sets out with a friend determined to find the thief.  More

Gone With The Wind  (75th Anniversary 2 disc set)

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Gone With The Wind (75th Anniversary 2 disc set)
(1939) [PG]

David O. Selznick's production of Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer Prize winner Gone with the Wind is "the pinnacle of Hollywood moviemaking," Leonard Maltin of Entertainment Tonight said: "it looks better than it has in years." This sweeping Civil War-era romance won an impressive 10 Academy Awards...  More

The Castle

Free Trial

The Castle
(1997) [M]

The Kerrigan family are a typical aussie "battler" family and living right next to the airport never seemed to be a problem for them until the airport wants to expand - on to their land. Their initial reaction is "f**k the airport" but it soon becomes obvious that airport is going to get its way...  More

Romper Stomper

Free Trial

Romper Stomper
(1989) [R]

Nazi skinheads in Melbourne take out their anger on local Vietnamese, who are seen as threatening racial purity. Finally the Vietnamese have had enough and confront the skinheads in an all-out confrontation, sending the skinheads running. A woman who is prone to epileptic seizures joins the...  More

The Painted Veil

Free Trial

The Painted Veil
(2006) [M]

Based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham, The Painted Veil is a love story set in the 1920’s about a young English couple, Walter (Edward Norton), a middle class doctor and Kitty (Naomi Watts), an upper-class woman, who marry for the wrong reasons and relocate to Shanghai, where Kitty falls in...  More

David Copperfield (BBC)

Free Trial

David Copperfield (BBC)
(1999) [PG]

Charles Dickens' haunting semi-autobiographical tale of a boy who is sent away by his stepfather after his mother dies but manages to triumph over incredible adversities.  More

Chinatown (Blu-Ray)

Free Trial

Chinatown (Blu-Ray)
(1974) [M]

A landmark movie in the film noir tradition, Roman Polanski's Chinatown stands as a true screen classic. Jack Nicholson is private eye Jake Gittes, living off the murky moral climate of sunbaked, pre-war Southern California. Hired by a beautiful socialite (Faye Dunaway) to investigate her...  More

The Piano (Blu-Ray)

Free Trial

The Piano (Blu-Ray)
(1992) [MA]

Ada (Holly Hunter), mute since birth, her nine year old daughter (Anna Paquin), and her piano arrive to an arranged marriage in the remote bush of nineteenth century New Zealand. Of all her belongings her husband refuses to transport the piano and it is left behind on the beach. Unable to bear...  More

Joan of Arc  (1948)

Free Trial

Joan of Arc (1948)
(1948) [PG]

In the Fifteenth Century, France is a defeated and ruined nation after the One Hundred Years War against England. The fourteen years old farm girl Joan of Arc claims to hear voices from Heaven asking her to lead God's Army against Orleans and crowning the weak Dauphin Charles VII as King of...  More




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