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Kokoda (2006)



Alister Grierson


Ewen Leslie, Jack Finsterer, Travis McMahon, Simon Stone, Luke Ford, Shane Bourne, Steve Le Marquand, Tom Budge, William McInnes


Drama, Australian, Historical Drama, War





Running Time:

92 min



The moment in history depicted in this film is the invasion by the Japanese into New Guinea in World War 2. A situation that directly threatened Australia as most of the Allied forces were consumed with fighting their own battles many thousands of miles away. For Australia it was a matter of going to this hostile environment to repel the enemy advance or watch them invade the homeland. Many volunteer troups were enlisted (known as "chocco's") to supplement the regular army. They were under-trained and poorly equipped for this battlefront. We are shown that men may be drawn to war for the right reasons but when confronted with the prospect of death then the basic human instincts of survival take over. Would you just look after yourself or help your comrades? First time director Alister Grierson and co-writer John Lonie wisely decided to take a small incident to humanise the situation rather than try for an historical docu-drama. The result is a tense, superbly acted and directed 90 minutes that never loses its grip. Stunning cinematography highlights the beauty of the rainforest canopy against the human horrors unfolding below. This would be a great film in any year. The fact that is has been put together by a first time director on a low budget with a mainly unknown cast (all performances are riveting) makes this a major achievement.

member reviews

DRS Review

12 August 2010
member rating

really enjoyed the film......sad to think this is based on a true event. makes one proud of our soldiers...and their friends the fuzzy wuzzy angels.

Kokoda- All 9 of them.

07 February 2014
member rating

This Aussie drama about brave Aussie men, all 9 of them, fighting the entire Japanese Army, all 4 of them, in 1942, in Papua New Guinea. The film starts in total blackness with a voice-over, and when the picture lightens, we get even less visual information, andd most of it is wrong. I taught History and I know a couple of veterans. This film would enrage them. The Aussies have no medicine, no food, no communications and no FuzzyWuzzies. They DO have those American guns that never need reloading and can safely be fired while the barrel is filled with mud.




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