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Hiam Abbass - 3 Titles Found
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Conversations with My Gardener

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Conversations with My Gardener
(2007) [M]

After the death of his mother, a Parisian landscape painter (Auteuil) returns to claim the ramshackle country house he grew up in. Noticing the houses’ once-impressive vegetable garden has fallen into neglect, he hires a local gardener (Darroussin) to knock it back into shape. To their...  More

Lemon Tree

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Lemon Tree
(2008) [G]

Selma Zidane is a widowed Palestinian who has been tending her lemon grove since her father's death. When the Israeli Defence Minister moves into the neighbouring property, his security staff declare that her cherished orchard has the potential to act as a cover for terrorist groups, and order...  More

The Source

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The Source
(2011) [M]

The women of a remote village have to trek up a steep hill to fetch water from the spring. With the support of her husband, Sami (Saleh Bakri, The Band's Visit), beautiful young Leila (Hafsia Herzi, The Secret of the Grain) suggests they all go on strike. No more hugs! No more sex! A love strike...  More




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