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Norman Eshley - 3 Titles Found
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George and Mildred (The Movie)

Free Trial

George and Mildred (The Movie)
(1980) [PG]

Television’s most famous bickering couple, George & Mildred Roper, graduate to the big screen in the 1980 feature-length comedy starring Yootha Joyce & Brian Murphy. Mildred’s planned wedding anniversary celebrations hilariously go sour when George is mistaken for a vicious hit man leading to...  More

Blind Terror (See No Evil)

Free Trial

Blind Terror (See No Evil)
(1971) [M]

After being blinded, Sarah (Mia Farrow) goes to live in the English countryside with relatives. Out on a date with a boyfriend, she escapes the fate of her relatives who are murdered by a crazed killer. She finally makes the gruesome discovery of their bodies and has to flee on horseback. See No...  More

The Immortal Story (Une Histoire Immortelle)

Free Trial

The Immortal Story (Une Histoire Immortelle)
(1968) [PG]

The Immortal Story was Orson Welles' first film in colour. It starred Jeanne Moreau and was set entirely to the haunting music of Erik Satie.

In 1860s Macao, Mr Clay, a wealthy merchant asks his clerk to read to him when he is unable to sleep. When his clerk starts to read the...  More




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