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Free Trial

(1950) [M]

A woodcutter experiences a horrific series of events - an ambush, rape and murder. In the telling of the tale however, each of the four participants give different views of what actually happened - is any of them telling the truth? Kurosawa's masterful film plays on the subjective nature of truth...  More

Scenes From a Marriage: Original 5hr Swedish TV mini-series  (2 Disc Set)

Free Trial

Scenes From a Marriage: Original 5hr Swedish TV mini-series (2 Disc Set)
(1974) [M]

Originally conceived as a six-part miniseries for Swedish television, Scenes From a Marriage is presented here for the first time in its original form. Marianne (Liv Ullman) and Johan (Erland Josephson) always seemed like the perfect couple. But when Johan suddenly leaves Marianne for another...  More

The Ugly American

Free Trial

The Ugly American
(1963) [G]

Marlon Brando stars in this volatile political thriller based on the best selling book. As a compassionate American in Southeast Asia during the Cold War Brando turns in a tour-de-force performance as he tries to keep the country's democratic and Communist forces from explosive confrontation.  More

Conversation Piece

Free Trial

Conversation Piece
(1974) [MA]

Retired professor of American origin lives solitary life in luxurious palazzo in Rome He is confronted by vulgar Italian marchesa and her companions: her lover, her daughter and daughter's boyfriend and forced to rent to them an apartment on upper floor of his palazzo. From this point his quiet...  More

The Idiot

Free Trial

The Idiot
(1951) [PG]

Based on Dostoyevky's The Idiot, Akira Kurosawa faithfully translates his favourite author's tale of love and murder to the snowy northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Kameda-a mentally fragile innocent incapable of dishonesty-meets Akama (Toshiro Mifune) on his return home from an asylum. They...  More

L'Avventura (2 Disc Set)

Free Trial

L'Avventura (2 Disc Set)
(1959) [PG]

When L'Avventura premiered alongside La Dolce Vita at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival and won the Jury Prize, it ignited a storm of controversy that sparked the international career of the great Michelangelo Antonioni - he went on to direct some of the most influential art films of the 60s and 70s...  More

La Terra Trema

Free Trial

La Terra Trema
(1948) [G]

A haunting account of the tough life led by Sicilian fishermen and of their struggle against exploitation by unscrupulous businessmen. The film was awarded Special Prize at the 1948 Venice Film Festival. Italian and Sicilian dialogue with English subtitles.  More


Free Trial

(1942) [PG]

A restless wife, Giovanna, meets Gino, a rough and handsome vagabond. Their passions affair leads to the murder of Giovanna's boorish husband. Can a strong and sensual affair survive the guilt? Adapted from James M. Cain's classic novel The Postman Always Rings Twice, Ossessione is a dark and...  More

The Bicycle Thief (Ladri Di Biciclette)

Free Trial

The Bicycle Thief (Ladri Di Biciclette)
(1948) [PG]

An Italian worker during the great depression finds work putting up posters. On his first day his bike is stolen and his chance to bring his family out of poverty is in jeopardy. He takes his son and some friends through the city in search of the bicycle that means economic survival to him.  More

Umberto D

Free Trial

Umberto D
(1952) [PG]

The story of an old retired office worker whose lonely, impoverished life becomes unbearable to the point where something has to give. Italian dialogue with subtitles.  More




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